Hi. My name is Minay Sirois, and I'm a quilter.  I work in a variety of quilting styles, ranging from traditional pieced quilting to original stenciled designs.  I hope you enjoy these pages.  Inside you'll find pictures of my quilts, some descriptions of presentations and workshops  I have given, and some other stuff.  Here's a description of each of the website's sections.


About Minay
Just a little about my background, how I began quilting, etc.


Pictures. Lots of pictures.  New! My husband, Michael, has also created two 2012 calendars of some of my quilts.  Give them a look.  Also, he has lots of other quilting sayings and designs on mugs, t-shirts, etc. Here's some info about them.


Some information about the periodic talks and occasional workshops I give to area quilt guilds, plus honors and things.


Some samples and ordering information for the quilt patterns I market through Black Cat Creations. New! There are now eight patterns, soon to be nine!


How to reach me.